Are you afraid to truly slow down?

laura greenwood therapist - Are you afraid to truly slow down

We spend our lives being ‘busy’. Working through our ‘to do’ list. Planning. Controlling. We very rarely just be.

This was me before I became a Mother.

This was me during the first few months and probably a year of Motherhood.

We are conditioned in our society to believe that our worth comes from what we do, what we achieve. So we believe that doing nothing means we are weak. We are noth worthy. We are noth good enough. We are a faiure.

So we keep going. We drive ourselves to exhaustion, hoping that one day, we will feel enough, we will be enough.

There is always something on the to do list.

When we measure our worthiness based on what we achieve, we will never feel good enough.

You were born good enough.

Before you learnt that busyness was valued by those around you and society, you knew that you were awesome just as you are. My son at 2 years old knows his worth and I love that about children! My hope is that one day you can get back to that place.

But, are you afraid of truly slowing down? Do you worry what will come up for you? This is a very common concern when it is something you have never allowed yourself to do. It is scary to do something new.

If you are struggling to walk that path alone, contact me to see how I can support you.


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