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Supporting you to live the life that you love

Hello There,
Thank you for joining me, it is lovely to have you here.
I'm Laura, a Psychotherapist with over 16 years experience working with people experiencing a range of Mental Health and Wellbeing difficulties.

I love my job and how I get to support so many of you to live the life that you dream of.

What can I help with?

A range of common Mental Health difficulties including Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Stress, Burnout and Low Self Esteem. This is not exhaustive so please do drop me a message to find out if I can help you overcome your struggles.

There are a few areas that I specialise in.

Since becoming a Mother, I am passionate about changing the way we value and support ALL parents in our society.  For the benefit of parent wellbeing, the wellbeing of our children, and society as a whole.

I can support you through pregnancy, postnatal and beyond. Mothers and Fathers.

Navigating the huge identity shift that is becoming parents is challenging enough, without coming from a place of struggle.

Another area of interest for me is Trauma. We have all experienced Trauma. Trauma is more than major traumatic events. It lives inside all of us and the patterns of responding that we engage in that no longer serve us. That stop us from living the life that we long for.

laura greenwood cbt therapist and EMDR
laura greenwood cbt therapist therapy huddersfield

That's enough about my professional side. Of course I am more than a therapist, a mother, a wife, a friend.

I am more than the roles that I play. 

As are you. 

Becoming a Mum has allowed me to embrace the simple things that daily life has to offer. A hot coffee in the morning. A dance around my kitchen. A walk in my local woods. Hearing my son laugh and live in that moment alone. Connecting with others through smiles and conversation as I walk through my local village.

I love a sunrise and a sunset...and see every day as an opportunity to start again.

I am a self identified Ambivert. I love both the company of others and crave time by myself. We do not need to fit into a single mould or category. The beauty of us lies in our individuality and the different choices we get to make each day.

  • BABCP Accredited
  • EMDR qualified
  • Mama rising Accredited


Just like me you are more than the roles that you play. My job is to support you to discover that.

I hope that I can be of service to you in some way. Even if by simply reading this page you recognise that you are worthy of the quiet moment to yourself, that is good enough for me.

If you like what you hear and want to know more about how I could help you, please send me a message. I would love to hear from you.

All my love,

Want to work with me?

Contact me today to see how I could help you live a life that you love

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