Finding YOURSELF Through Motherhood™

Be The Change
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Are you ready to find your TRUE SELF through Motherhood?

Hello Lovely Ones

It is wonderful to have you here. Let me introduce you to…

Finding YOURSELF Through Motherhood ™

The baby I have been birthing since I became a Mother myself in 2019.

This course is based on my own personal, and years of professional experience, finding TRUE SELVES, outside of what the world and significant others told us we could be. Should be.

We all absorb these stories.  Choosing to live by them.  As a way of fitting in.  Finding love. Seeking acceptance.  As a child it is unconscious.  Sometimes, as an adult it is too! But we stick to them, not knowing another way.


There is often an inner conflict.  A lacking. A sense that we are not, really, happy. Yet we want to be.  We feel we should be, because we have everything we thought we ever wanted. Right?

There is a disconnect from the life we live, our emotions totally governed by external influences and early life conditioning…


This course gives you the foundations for discovering that beautiful, loving individual, that you truly are, outside of that conditioned narrative in your mind. Outside of that voice which says you are not good enough just as you are.  That your worth is based on your productivity.  On being liked.  On helping and supporting others, at the expense of your own needs.

This course helps you to build a life from that authentic place.  A valued life.

A life of more JOY, LOVE and CONNECTION, than you could ever believe was possible. 

Making the next right step in the right decision, in each moment.  From a place of intuition, not fear.  From a place of total authenticity. Not a perfect life with no struggle… that does not exist.


This is how you will continue to live THE BEST LIFE that is not dependent on acquiring anything external. The World needs more Mothers stepping into their unique blend of extraordinary.


Are you ready to find your true self?

This course uses the foundations you need to do this INNER WORK, provided within 12 weeks of support.


  • Professional PSYCHOTHERAPEUTIC support

I know CHANGE is not easy. There is safety in what we know.

But as Anais Nin once said…

There came a time when the risk of remaining tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.


Taking this step is brave lovelies. It is REVOLUTIONARY. 

AND I know you are considering it because you now see that change is necessary.

For you. For your kids. And for their kids.

You are a change maker. A breaker of GENERATIONAL PATTERNS.

YOU are too amazing to ignore. 

So, are you ready to FIND YOU?

You have no idea how excited I am to support you to do that!

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This Course is For The Mothers …

At any point of their Maternal journey …

new mum, toddler mum, school mum, children left home Mum.

Who are ready to reconnect to their true selves …

the self you have always been, deep down.

Who want to make conscious decisions …

about parenting, about life. From their intuition, instinct, rather than societal norms and expectations.

Who feel like they have lost themselves …

to Motherhood.

Who are ready to work on …

those psychological wounds that Motherhood has unearthed.

Who are ready to break generational patterns …

patterns that do not serve them or the generations that came before them.

Who are ready to be the change …

they needed, for their own children.

Who are ready to Mother and LIVE by their own Values!

Who are ready to find YOU …

and know deep down, that there is a wonderful, amazing, authentic, unique person, waiting to be discovered.

This Programme IS....

A lifestyle change ...

A change that will mean ...

you live the most conscious, authentic life. True to yourself, making conscious intuitive decisions that FEEL right for you and your family.

Designed to help you ...

use that feeling and experience of pure unconditional love for your children, and channel that towards yourself, so that you can model true self love, to your children.

This Programme is NOT ...

A quick fix ...

these patterns that you are seeking to change will not alter overnight.  Awareness is the first step towards change, but awareness without action will mean that meaningful change does not occur.  Change takes time, focus, and dedication.  Something which I know you have, because I know firsthand, that we will do anything for our children.  Do it for them, if doing it for you feels too challenging right now.


A tick box exercise ...

find yourself, found yourself, done, no more work at the end of the programme.  Remember, this is a lifestyle change.  But a lifestyle change that will give you the best life you have been dreaming of.  For you, for your children, for your family.



My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style.

Maya Angelou

Within the programme we will cover ...

6 Sessions of Evidence-Based Psychological Teaching on:

Understanding the WHY behind your feelings. Your experience. Your thoughts. Knowing you are not alone, and it is not a sign you are doing anything wrong or that you must try harder. You are not the problem.

Emotional awareness and regulation…learn those techniques to model how to do this to your children.

Using your emotions and physiology to guide understanding your needs…learning to give yourself permission to meet them…learning to communicate those needs effectively.

Moving from the self-critic, to the self-compassionate…learning to love yourself unconditionally, in the way you love your children.

Recognising you have always had the answers within you all along, and we are here to help you discover them.

Learning how to listen to your intuition, to make decisions from love, and not fear or conditioning.

Learning to trust that you can handle whatever life throws at you. Being in total control is not the answer. It is an illusion of safety. We will support you to let go of control, embrace uncertainty, and move towards presence.

These Educational Sessions are Interwoven with 6 Sessions of Community, Sharing, Coaching & Support

From me, an Accredited Psychotherapist and specialist Maternal Mental Health Coach, AND your community. 


You also have access to a private community of like-minded Mothers, all looking for those same authentic, supportive relationships.  All ready to be there for you in a way that may have been missing in your life so far. 

Through my own personal journey of finding myself, and professional experience of supporting so many Mothers, I know how crucial, this part of the programme is to really enhance your success. 

We need time and space to allow these big ideas and revelations, to settle.  We need professional support to answer those questions that can be answered, and social support for those big existential ones that cannot.

We need our tribe, Mamas.  Our true tribe that accepts us just the way we are.  That supports us, whilst we learn how to support ourselves.  That believe in us, whilst we learn to believe in ourselves. 

I could give you all the evidence-based teaching in the world, but without AUTHENTIC support and true cheerleaders around you, change is really, tough, and sometimes can feel impossible. 


This will be through our coaching and support sessions and our private Facebook community.

What does it look like ….

Weekly Online sessions for 12 weeks (8pm BST on Thursdays)

All sessions are recorded if you cannot make the live sessions.

A week of teaching, followed by a week of support and consolidation (space to let the learning and magic work)

Access to a private Facebook community with me in it.  To connect with your tribe, share, ask questions, be supported in your journey…I can be as active in here as you want to support you every step of the way.

Access to a lifetime of living in total authentic alignment of who you are and making life choices from this place…priceless!

Lovelies, I am on a mission to change the way Mothers are supported and valued by our society.  In so so many ways.  This course is about supporting you to be part of that change.  Because change needs to come from above, and it needs to come from you.

Because when you all start valuing and supporting yourself differently.  Magic happens.
Together…we can achieve so much.

Are you ready to be part of the revolution?

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"I needed to process the grief of what I have lost, to get to the gratitude of what I have got."

"Laura is a wonderful therapist and person. She has helped me so much with my anxiety and learning to practice self-love/care. I'm so thankful for her guidance. She is warm, compassionate, patient... I highly recommend working with her, get ready to literally transform!"

"I am seeing the me, I was always meant to be"

"My life, my relationships, my inner dialogue have all transformed; as with Laura's guidance I've challenged some early taught and pretty hard held beliefs. I'm so grateful I got to work with Laura and would recommend her to anyone."

"Laura was able to help me heal in ways I didn’t think possible previously. She has a lot of knowledge and is a wise owl - but helped me feel empowered at the same time as I travelled through the therapy journey. I only wish I’d met Laura sooner."

"This session is the most valuable session I have ever attended! If I’m not OK, my kids aren’t OK, and you helped me find a way through via me!"

"the session prompted an amazing talk between me and my husband and I appreciate you so much! We both didn’t know we were feeling this way and this session created a safe place for me and him to talk about it"

I know change is tough lovelies. Believe me. 

I avoided my own emotions for a very long time due to fear of what would happen if I truly allowed myself to feel them all.  I see this same fear in most of the women I see. But there is a time, when the fear of change is overtaken, by the fear of staying the same.

YOU cannot bloom without change.

  • Are you ready to feel the fear and do it anyway?
  • Are you ready to see, that all along, YOU had the answers to all your questions, within you? In Mothering, and in all your life decisions?
  • Are you ready to see that YOU can do hard things, and it is highly likely, you already have.  Already do.  Everyday.
  • Are you ready to do the hard work now, for the biggest pay off you will ever gain?

Finding YOULOVING yourself completely.  BEING the woman and Mother, you were always meant to be?

  • Through this, giving your children the best GIFT, they could ever receive.
  • When you LOVE YOURSELF completely, unconditionally…. you teach your children to love themselves.
  • When you EMBRACE your own imperfections and love yourself all the same, you teach them that they do not need to be perfect either.
  • When you live and breathe your parenting and life VALUES, you instil those values in them too.
  • What do you want to teach them lovelies?

The only way is by living and breathing that teaching for yourself.

THIS is why self-care and self-love could never be selfish.  THIS is the way we support our children to emotionally regulate.  To love themselves completely.  To embrace who they are regardless of the judgement of others.

Are you ready to feel the love you have been craving all your life and show your kids how self-love really is done?


The thing that is hard, and amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.

Anna Quindlen

Are you ready?

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Interested but have questions? Send me a message and let’s explore what may be holding you back.

You are not going back to an old version, but a new more authentic version. 

The YOU that you have always meant to be.

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