Banishing Mum Guilt

As a Mother we are always striving to do our best for our children. But where does ‘our best’ stop?

I have met so many women who feel that they are striving for ‘good enough’ when actually what they are striving for is perfection. Something with a never ending, unachievable goal. Driving themselves to exhaustion hoping that soon, they will get to that stage when they feel that they are there, they are enough…but that day never comes.

We spend our lives comparing ourselves and our mothering to others, always feeling like we are coming out short.

This never ending cycle can leave us feeling exhausted, stressed, down, angry and resentful…why do I seem to be the only one that is not managing?

The truth is mama that we are all just winging it. That mama that you compare yourself to, who you feel has it all together doesn’t, she too has her own insecurities. She too compares herself to others and strives for better.

So mamas, today I want you to recognise, that you are already doing more than enough. The fact that you doubt yourself as a mother, compare yourself to others and want to be better, already shows how much you want to do the best by your children.

As long as you care for your child’s basic needs and show them that they are loved and safe…that really is all that they want and need.

So mamas, how can you take the pressure off yourself today? What can let go of? How can you reduce your mother load so that you do only what is needed, knowing that anything else is a bonus and not a necessity?

Notice how reducing your load, mental and physical, can make you feel so much lighter.
Things can get better mamas. They can become more manageable. I know it.

Know from me mamas that you are already good enough, just as you are.
Laura x

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